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  • What is an EXAU Gold Token?
    EXAU is a Gold asset-backed token structured to provide a digital shelter for investors who want to protect themselves from market volatility, a diversification instrument and at the same time a tradable financial asset.
  • Which blokchain network is EXAU Gold using?
    The token is native on the Binance Smart Chain but respects cross-chain protocols and can be exchanged on other blockchain platforms that support AWS Key Management Service (KMS) standards.
  • Is it safe?
    EXAU Gold is based on Binance Smart Chain technology and complies with the ECR-20 protocol. In addition, the system also complies with the AWS Key Management Service (KMS). In relation to the underlying assets, diamonds are deposited at a high security facility in a free area of Switzerland and USD at Swiss, UK or Liechtenstein banks.
  • Where is the gold stored?
    All the gold is deposited in a high-security facility based in Switzerland.
  • Is it 100% gold backed?
    EXAU Gold is 100% backed by 24k LBMA certified physical gold. The price is always expressed in US dollars and the size is 1 troy ounce ingots
  • Is it listed on Exchanges?
    It is not currently listed on any centralised exchange due to its recent creation. We will shortly begin the process of listing on regulated and internationally recognised exchanges.
  • How can I buy it?
    EXAU Gold is available for purchase through this site on the Elviria platform. Only financial institutions and professional investors registered on the Elviria platform are allowed to buy directly. Alternatively, the token can be purchased on recognised Exchanges or from participating Financial Institutions. Visit this link to find partners.
  • Elviria Onboarding is difficult?
    If you find it difficult to buy EXAU Token on the Elviria platform or have been refused access, you may still be able to buy the token. Contact us by email at
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