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Road Map

EXAU Gold, being a token issued by a financial institution, follows its rules from cyber security to strict operational procedures to provide to its holders a complete peace of mind.
For this reason, EXAU Gold has a well-defined road map in order to allow solidity in issuance, strong reputation and a certain commitments for all the secondary markets where it will be negotiated. EXAU Gold, an instrument for preserving value but also for trading.

First Issuing

1,000 EXAU Gold token was minted through Binance Smart Chain for a counter-value of 1,781,000 USD.

Token Address


First Listing

EXAU Gold has been listed on the decentralised exchange platform PancakeSwap, where it is currently being purchased in small quantities, in order to test its availability on a AMM (*The price expressed on the decentralised platform can vary considerably from the official price)

EXAU Gold is also available on direct OTC market

EXAU Gold is available on the primary market platform Elviria

Second Listing

EXAU Gold is now in the process of being listed on several centralised exchange platforms that we will communicate from time to time.


EXAU Gold has opened several talks with Financial Institutions as well as regulated Brokers in different jurisdictions for its distribution. Only authorised partners will be allowed to distribute EXAU Gold.

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